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If you don't use YouTube Tags in all of your videos, you're passing up opportunities to optimize your videos for higher search visibility and more views.

What are YouTube Tags?

YouTube Tags are the inconspicuous metadata that is linked to each YouTube video. The majority of YouTube videos lack tags and are thus not properly optimized. and the number of people who influenced the way the world went. By including YouTube Tags in your videos, you can help them rank higher for search queries and thus receive more views.

One reason most YouTube videos lack Tags is that the Tags input field in YouTube Studio is hidden beneath the "SHOW MORE" link on the Video details screen:


When you click "SHOW MORE," the Tags box appears! Tags on YouTube can be up to 500 characters long.

Because this Tags box is a little concealed for new users, using Tags gives you a competitive advantage on YouTube in terms of getting more views on your videos.

YouTube Tags are one signal used by YouTube to identify what your video is about and to offer the most relevant results to users in YouTube and Google searches.

Use every conceivable option to assist YouTube in understanding what your video is about. YouTube Tags are an excellent way to accomplish this, and TubeRanker's YouTube Tag Generator tool makes it even easier.

Why are tags important for optimizing videos on YouTube?

When you think about how YouTube works and what it needs to do for a user, it's almost impossible. How does YouTube choose which of its more than 800 million videos to show first in search results? And yet, every day, thousands of searches are done every second on the YouTube app,, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

YouTube has searched down to a science, and the key is how it understands and sorts each video on its platform. YouTube looks at every part of a video to figure out what it's about and how best to show it to people when they search Google and YouTube.

Video titles, video descriptions, and speech-to-text video subtitles are the most obvious attributes. But YouTube uses a number of other ranking factors, like tags, to help figure out what each video is about and understand it better.

YouTube adding this extra field should be a clear sign to video makers and YouTube marketers that they need to use this field to optimize their videos. Why not use every tool and strategy you can to get the most out of the second-largest search engine in the world?

How does the YouTube Tag Generator work?

Based on your initial goal term, the Seotoolme YouTube Tag Generator tool recommends the ideal Tags for your video. Seotoolme's cutting-edge engine indexes the most popular trending YouTube videos that mention your term, as well as the most common tags used on high-performing videos. Using these tags can then help boost your video's discoverability.

Simply enter your target keyword and select from a list of popular hashtags. If all of the tags are applicable to your video, you may click 'Select All,' or you can pick and choose by choosing each tag individually. When you're finished, click 'Copy Selected,' which will copy the tags to your clipboard, ready to paste into YouTube Studio.

Instructions for Using YouTube's Tag Creator

As previously stated, YouTube allows up to 500 characters for Tags. According to a study conducted by content agency Briggsby, the recommended character count for your tags is between 200 and 300 characters. Overall, the study found that videos with more tags performed better in YouTube searches than videos with fewer tags.

1.      Consider the keyword

Begin by selecting the most obvious target keyword for your video. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience if you don't know what that is. Consider the most relevant search word they might enter onto YouTube that is most closely related to your video.

For example, if your video is about the "wine area," as in the preceding example, utilize this term as a jumping-off point to identify other tags used in successful videos that employ the same keyword. Because your first tag should be your keyword, "wine region" is returned as the first suggested tag.

Once you've chosen the most relevant tags, click 'Copy Selected' and paste them into YouTube Studio's Tags box.

2.      Examine Competitor Tags

Another technique you may take is to extract the tags used by competitors to check if they are using tags at all, and if they are, what tags they are using and in what order. It is also vital to order your tags from most relevant to least relevant to help YouTube comprehend exactly what your video is about.

Use TubeRanker's Tag Extractor tool to examine any YouTube video and uncover the Tags that were used. With this knowledge, you may shortlist tags from popular videos that use your target keywords, as well as tags from competitor keywords that compete for the same eyeballs as you.

This approach that combines the best of both worlds is what we consider to be the best practice YouTube Tag strategy!

YouTube Tags vs. Hashtags

To put it simply, YouTube Tags are invisible metadata (similar to a meta description on a webpage), whereas Hashtags are accessible to the viewer (like they are on Instagram or TikTok).

Content creators should use YouTube Tags to tell YouTube about their videos. Using Hashtags, on the other hand, helps to publicly categorize your video into categories that are clickable/tappable (and, more importantly, searchable) to the viewer. If you want to produce hashtags for your video, use TubeRanker's Hashtag Generator tool.

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