How to Insert Links in YouTube Descriptions is the best free tool to genrate description

Like comments, descriptions are an important part of the YouTube community and the user experience. When you write a description for a video on YouTube, it's like writing a short summary. Video descriptions on YouTube can include links to other sites (which we will discuss later).

Here, we'll talk about how to add links that can be clicked on to YouTube descriptions. We'll also talk about some of the most common reasons why you might want to put links in the descriptions of your YouTube videos.

How to insert link in youtube description

Importance of Video Descriptions on YouTube

Before we get into how to add links to YouTube video descriptions, let's talk briefly about how important descriptions are.

A well-written description could help a YouTube video get more views and move up in the search engine rankings. Another useful part of video descriptions is the textual description of your video.

The video description can be used to break up your video into chapters, introduce your channel, and send people to your website and affiliate offers (through the use of links in the YouTube description).

Check out our YouTube Video Description Generator if you want an easy way to make descriptions for your videos that aren't specific to any one video. With this helpful tool, you can make video descriptions that are well-organized and search engine-friendly.

How to Insert a Link into a YouTube Description

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about how to add a link to your YouTube description on desktop and mobile platforms.

On Desktop Devices

Including a link in the YouTube, description is a simple process. Here's how to add a link to your YouTube video description:

  • Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the YouTube interface to access your YouTube Studio.
  • Then, on the dashboard's left side, select Content.
  • Click the pencil icon next to the video to which you want to add a link in the description.
  • Add HTTPS:// followed by the URL of the link you want to include in the description.
  • Save the file. You've successfully included a link in the description of your YouTube video.

The preceding procedure applies to previously uploaded or published content. If you want to include a link in the description of a video you're now uploading or intend to upload, simply enter HTTP:// and the URL in the description area during the upload process.

On Mobile Devices

The process for adding a link to a YouTube description on mobile devices is the same as described above. Simply enter HTTP:// followed by the URL into YouTube's description field.

Why we Add a Link to YouTube Video Description

There are a few good reasons to put a link in the description of your YouTube video:

  • A great way to get interested YouTube viewers to visit your website is to put a link to the product page in a video that
  • promotes one of your company's products or services.
  • If you are an affiliate marketer, you can promote your products and services by linking to them.
  • Offer something of value to get more people to sign up for your daily newsletter. Add a link to your newsletter sign-up page in the description of your YouTube video.
  • YouTubers can link between their own videos in the description, just like bloggers can link between their own posts.

Video Description Elements

A YouTube video's description can include things besides keywords, such as:

  • YouTube videos can be split up into chapters, which are often called "timestamps" and let people quickly jump to different parts of the video.
  • In the "About the video" section, authors can write a short summary of their work.
    An "About the channel" section where creators can tell you a little bit about their channel and the kinds of things they usually post.
  • Creators can use the method we talked about in this video to add links to their social media profiles and a web contact page.


You can send people to a site outside of YouTube by putting a link in the video's description.

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